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Like any religion, the ultimate point of Christianity is to prepare yourself for what is beyond this life, to be with God and perfect your soul

Hi.  Another former Catholic here.  I really loved my faith.  I loved my church, I loved the theology, I loved the rituals, and art, and symbolism, and even Latin Mass - all of it.  I felt it profoundly and deeply for many years.  I say this just so you know where I'm coming from, not that it really has any bearing, but anyway.

This comment really caught my attention and at one time I would have agreed.  Now I cannot agree and I would gently suggest the "ultimate point" of any religion is simply to exist.  At first, the point was to explain the world, the nature with which humanity interacted and had limited control, the thing to which their lives were vulnerable.  This explanation took centuries upon centuries to work out.  It constantly evolved as new cultures were introduced to each other, their customs and mythologies borrowed and shared, tweaked, adapted to work in a new culture.  Catholicism didn't start with Judaism any more than Judaism started with Abraham.  These religious trends were slowly evolving, incorporating other religions from the regions.  This explains why we can see the Jesus story in Horus, the Mary story in Isis, the Last Supper of Dionysus, etc.  Religion functions to exist and will adapt to a culture or be left behind as irrelevant.  Today, looking forward to one's "next life" is slowly but surely being toned down, and instead the focus is increasingly found in finding salvation today.  So, you might want to look into the history of religions a little to get an idea of what kind of beast you're facing today. 

I look at the state of society today and I don’t see a “fallen” world, I see a world that is just beginning to learn how to make life better for its self, and end once necessary evils. New technologies and economic models made it possible for us to have leisure time without the need for slaves; we’ve gotten to the point where we can grow food almost anywhere in the world in almost any climate, lifespans and quality of life have improved for the vast majority of people on this planet, and we’re working to extend them; Human rights, democracy, and pluralism are the standard in the developed world and more and more countries are adopting them, these are not these actions of “fallen” people who, but for the grace of God cannot do otherwise. And that is what has me on the move.

Oh, I am right there with you!  I think what people call "sin" is really a matter of conflict resolution that happens to create an unforeseen problem for somebody.  That's not "sin," that's a new problem to be solved.  Not everyone has the best conflict resolution skills for various reasons, but there's no reason to attribute a magically faulty component to each person to describe this.  That means there doesn't need to be a magical solution to remedy it.

 Learn from mistakes.  Enjoy what you can without bringing undue burden on yourself or others.  Laugh. 


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