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Hi Lance.  Welcome.  Thanks for the opportunity to ask you this question:

Did you think posting on Anfauglir's thread, implying the emotional pain and suffering was in some way his responsibility, was the work of the holy spirit?  Because I have to say, that was an enormously hateful thing to do.  See, there's this concept called "theory of mind" that suggests a person with typical neurological development recognizes that others have independent, unique thoughts and ideas about any given topic.  Your complete lack of comprehension of the sensitivity of the subject suggests to me that if you believe your comments were inspired by the holy spirit, that holy spirit has no understanding of what Anfauglir might be feeling and you instead give yourself permission to suppress any empathy and simply tell people whatever makes you feel important.  It was an awful embarrassment that should wake you up out of your fantasy and encourage you to grasp hold of what reality you can.  Your religion is rude and condescending and hurtful as well as being silly, foolish and predatory on the gullible. 
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