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No, as I stated earlier I'm waiting for nebula to respond regarding his comment that, "people have no control over their deeds."

That's correct.   People have no control over what they think or do.  Most neuroscientists agree with that statement.   There is of course the appearance or perception that we have control of our thoughts and actions but this is simply an illusion.   That concludes my argument.   Neuroscience has proven we aren't in control, case closed.   

Now I will give my wooist, nondualism reason why we aren't in control.   First I will talk about it from the perspective of physicalism, which is not my view, being a metaphysical idealist.   The universe is energy, ~68% dark energy, ~27% dark matter, and ~5% observable energy/matter.   

In physicalism, that is what exists, energy.   Does it make sense to say that energy is in control of what it does or thinks, or that energy has free will, or that energy can make decisions?   The energy/matter that makes up the universe is in various forms of complexity but none it has become anything else.   The appearance of the ability to make plans, avoid danger and stuff like that indicates energy in a highly complex form but it is energy nonetheless.   If the idea of "energy making a decision" doesn't make sense to you then "a person making a decision" shouldn't make sense either.   A person can't make decisions any more than a rock or moon can.   

Let's apply Daniel Dennett style compatabalism to a moon:   "A moon obviously has free will.   Not the metaphysical notion of free will, but the kind of free will that matters to celestial bodies.   A moon demonstrates evitability.   It avoids the danger of flying off into space by choosing to stay in a nice comfortable orbit around its host planet.   This proves that a certain type of free will that matters to celestial objects exists.   It arose from the evolution of gravity." <-- That sounds rather absurd and to me it sounds just as absurd when applied to certain complex forms of energy that we call animals or people.

From the perspective of my own view of nondualist idealism, free will is an illusion because the entire universe and everything in it is an illusion.   Our very existence is an illusion.   An illusory being cannot make real choices, therefore decisions are illusory.   What evidence is there that the universe is an illusion you ask?   We can get into that but it has been discussed in other threads already.   Here again are the articles about it that I'm into:     

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