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This one? Not so much. How is there not a distinction? And further, how does this view you hold shape your reality? Your day to day existence?

There is no distinction in absolute terms.   In relative terms there is.   I am more me than that rock over there.   But in absolute terms there is only one energy that was released in the big bang in various forms of complexity.     

Thinking in absolutes helps me in two ways:

1.   Contentment: It is impossible for an individual to ever have completeness, wholeness or absolute contentment.   Many atheists allude to this when they talk about how heaven would eventually get boring even if you could have anything you could ever want.   After a while we reckon too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing.   

Others feel that wholeness is possible and strive for it.   The feel incomplete and search for things they believe will bring them absolute contentment.   When they achieve their goals they still do not feel complete, though they don't know what they lack.

Well, my belief is the reason we can never find absolute satisfaction in life is because of this self idea.   It's only a very limited perspective, useful for our survival (i.e. "I need food") but when applied to psychological issues such as contentment it creates problems.   Psychologically, if there is no me there is nothing that can lack anything, hence no feeling that I am somehow incomplete.   There is no need to pursue happiness because there is no me to do the seeking or find the happiness.   It's already right here relatively (compared to when I firmly believed in my individuality as an absolute reality).

2.   The small details of life:  Negative emotions are easier to detail with.   In absolute terms when someone cuts me off in traffic it is a certain form of complexity in the universe, nothing more.  This leads to less anger.  With no individual there is no free will.   So any past mistakes I've made were unavoidable.   This leads to less regret.  With no self there is nothing to lose therefore nothing to fear, etc.       
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