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Having a humanitarian love for someone does not exclude recognizing that person's faults or guilt.  Take my brother-in-law (please take him!  ta-doosh ;D) for example.  I love him as a person, but because of his drug-induced beating of his step-son, he deserves conviction, jail time, and psychiatric treatment.

The treatment would be for his own good.  Torture is never for someone's own good.  Eternal torture cannot be justified by love, only by hatred.  You are hateful.

In the theistic worldview, you were made for God's purposes, not the other way.  He has offered you undeserved mercy and forgiveness. There will be a day when His long-suffering and lovingkindness will be no longer offered to you.  Nothing unjust or hateful about that.

This is the worldview that says God created me to be born and "insouled" sometime at or after conception only to die within a maximum of a little over a century and to then have my soul live on in a mysterious heavenly paradise or tortured for all eternity in a fiery hellish lake of torment. My eternal destiny, which in this worldview is really all that truly matters to me as the living person, is determined based on how well I live my short adult life attempting to please the god that created me. The very god who's "word" declares that few will find heaven and many will take the broad road to destuction, who is claimed to not be a respector of persons even though he has placed the majority of people that ever lived into regions and traditions that have not allowed for those folks to know or fulfill god's requirements, and yet he claims they are without excuse; doesn't sound fair or moral at all.

Under this worldview life is really a means God uses to set most people up for failure, and that failure he has determined is deserving of eternal conscious torment. Being that we are "born in sin and conceived in iniquity", have only recently developed mass communication ability, have just recently become literate as a general populous, massive human failure was and is eminent! In spite of all of that you have the gall to claim that there's nothing hateful about that. Is it that the word hateful bothers you? Would words like sadistic, insideous, or diabolical be more apt descriptions!?!?
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