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I had a bit of an argument with my wife regarding the basis of faith and how those of us who have or have had faith in God force ourselves to be either willfully ignorant or unknowingly hypocritical. She pointed out that no one can judge another person's relationship with God and all I could do was shake my head and try to get her to understand the following.

Individuals, especially of the Abrahamic faiths tend to believe in a variations of the God(s) spoken of in their religious texts. To 99.999% of believers God is not the sovereign that is found on the pages of scripture but rather a subjective, personal, mental construct of each believing individual. The individual personifies God in their minds and limits God to the prism of their perception making God far less than what a real 'God' should be. To most, God becomes a loving, mighty, and powerful personal entity that offers them service, guidance, and protection in return for praise and gratitude. This 'god' entity is not God at all, but rather a created machination used by a person to help them in life by offering them hope of not only overcoming trials, but also hope of being able to live in a manner that is closer to THE PERSON'S ideals of what is right and moral. Bottom line, people don't serve God, they tend to want to subject not only themselves but also the people they encounter with being subserviant to their own ideals and beliefs pertaining to how one should live and also think.
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