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Yeah...but...if something or someone (I realize you have not bit on this) had the power to create the universe...wouldn't that something/someone be omnipotent?  And that someone/something would have to be outside of space and time in order to create space and time, then it/him/her would be definition be omnipresent and omniscient.

This is about as huge a leap as I have seen made in a minute. First you reduce the initiating something(s) to a singular someone, you then proceed to made that thing all powerful, and then you presume it to be omnipresent. Why presume ANY of those things?

As I have said before, when it comes to the "creation" of our cosmos perhaps the best explanation is that SOMETHING(s), which is impossible (at this point) to identify, describe, or explain, acted or was acted upon (by something yet to be identified as well), causing the onset of our reality.

The SOMETHING(s) in question here cannot yet be identified. So to say it was a sentient being capable of making a purposeful decision is at best wishful thinking and in reality is a flat out deceitful position to promote because no evidence supports it. A better guess, but still a guess nonetheless would be to say that the SOMETHING(s) that gave rise to our cosmos was/were somehow capable of causing "creation", but again we have no way of knowing whether the capable party acted purposefully or whether our cosmos arose accidentally as an effect of its/their actions. The speculation is infinite and the definitive answers are lacking.
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