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The abortion debate is one that seems to be getting louder and louder in today's society... This is my take... Abortion is wrong, in all cases except if it is endangering the life of the mother. From a religious or secular view I believe that the very Idea that this is still something we debate is rather sick. Am embryo, a fetus is not just a living thing, it is the embodiment of human potential. From the moment it is created it has the potential to be a great person. To think, to create, to love, to be loved. It has the potential to change the world, and taking that away is just sick and frankly a crime against the species as a whole. A human being is the most powerful thing in the known universe and cutting it off before it gets a chance is just not right. Please tell me I am wrong.

An aspiring politian has the potential to be the president of the united states, yet because he or she is not the president they are not entitled to the same benefits and priviledges of the president.

What abortion is is a woman acting on her desire NOT to continue with a pregnancy and in some cases relieving herself of the obligation to dedicate herself to the support of another life for a large portion of her own. With this in mind the moral question many don't ask is should others have the right to say she cannot end her pregnancy except for certain reasons. For those that say she should not have this right the question becomes WHY NOT and what reasons are the exceptions.

This issue has been way oversimplified and reduced to the false dilemma that squarely focuses on the assumed right for the unborn to get a chance to be born all the while ignoring other issues like the quality of life for not only the prospective baby but the mother as well. We should ask the question of WHY yet again as it relates to the issue of the unborn having the priviledge and later the responsibilites of life. No one seems to want to admit this as we tend to want to operate in absolutes as our human brains find comfort in that, but the case can be made that the value of human lives are relative. Yes, this means all lives do NOT hold the same value. Before anyone gets upset at this declaration, I challenge you simply look at the world around you today and historically to see if lives have ever been values equally.
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