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One of the most disgusting memes continuing to survive among humans is Racism.

Despite attempts to modify human behaviour through education, it seems racism continues to exist. 

I consider myself as a human or  more,a s an animal, so I hate being stereotyped as belonging to a certain race, religion, nation or  region and I find it disgusting when people do so.

I identify myself as  Anti-Racist, i.e. someone who is against those people who suffer from a racial superiority complex. I personally consider racism to be more dangerous than religion.

So my question is - How to eradicate Racism from society?

I doubt that racism can ever be eradicated from society as long as we have various races with commonalities beyond skin color specific to each race that serves to differentiate the races. Virtually all humans that have ever lived suffer from or should I say, participate in a "pro-me-ism" mentality. Promeism causes the individual to not only view the world from their particular individual perspective, but also to view that perspective as the most reasonable and "real." Because of promeism, people often find it quite natural to gravitate to like individuals and once the individuals come together, an "us" mentality invariably develops. Anytime you have an "us" that exists within a larger society, there will also be a "them" or various "thems" that exist as well. Because oftentimes there are real and formitable destinctions between the commonalities and priorities of the "us's" and the "thems", the posibility for friction, stereotyping, and even disdain will exist. 

In many ways racism is a larger scale projection of the individual ego that naturally regards the "self", which in the case of the larger scale we are discussing is equivalent to the group to which one identifies, as paramount and of having first priority. True racial or any form of group equality will not be able to be realized until we as individuals become convinced and perhaps even conditioned to believe that all individuals are not only deserving of equal rights as every other individual, but also that every not me person is just as important and just as big a priority as I am. That would involve eliminating the human ego and man's pride entirely, so I doubt that will ever happen.
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