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Believe it or not, many, if not most Christian believers have no idea that there are problems with their faith or the Bible which their faith is derived from. For most of their lives they have simply taken for granted that it is God's inspired book and all of its contents are true, based in fact, and that it is profitable for teaching, for correcting, for setting things straight, and for providing righteous discipline as 2 Timothy 3:16 claims. With this belief firmly planted in mind, even logical absurdities like talking snakes, talking donkeys, a Red Sea parting, an immaculate conception, an omnipotent and perfect God creating an imperfect world, and even a God that is often a proponent of what can best be described a genocide can be rationalized because of this understanding and the expectation that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER for a good that will ultimately come from this god to them that love Him. 

How do you communicate the flaws in the Christian faith to people that subscribe to this line of thinking? For some, no amount of communication, rational discussion, or thoughtful insight will do a damn bit of good, but for those that truly value truth and righteousness, there is perhaps an approach that can yield a reward. I believe the approach that would likely lead to the most changes of heart is the approach that allows the believer to see for themselves how the Bible they believe they base their beliefs on tears itself apart from the inside out.

I have begam this approach with some preacher friends of mine and it has really got a couple of them thinking. The way I have approached it is to attack the prophesy they believe is the most powerful reason why people should believe the Bible has veracity.

There are many failed or flawed prophecies to choose from, so with that in mind, I wish to solicit as well as share some of those prophecies. What do you guys have?
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