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A Christian should bring all things before God in prayer, but it's simply common sense to seek the best possible professional help. Why can't God work through skilled practitioners?
Why? Would he increase the odds? Or is it just telling him "hey bro, I'm going to see my doc today!"? Wouldn't an omniscient god already know?

Ignoring readily available help is like demanding God fit into our schedule.
ANY prayer is asking him to change his schedule. God may have wanted you to lose your car keys, but nooo, you think his divine plan just isn't good enough and *had to* pray to find them.

I also don't know anybody who does, and I suspect none of you do either.
Good thing Google knows! http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20130422_A_second_child_of_doctor-shunning_couple_dies.html Oh wait, they probably weren't True Christians.

Maybe you should spend more time reflecting on the fact that most Christians who you actually know in real life aren't extremist nut-jobs.
No, but they support an organization which promotes discrimination and seeks to modify legislation based on terribly written faerie tales, also actively works towards making people dumber and poorer.
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