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I seem to remember Kimberly being very nice to her and explaining that when she came down off her LSD trip, she was welcome to come back.

Aww thanks for noticing.  :laugh:
My opinion of this forum is you get what you give as well as what you seek. If you see attention such as the before mentioned drive by poster you will get it. But if you can't do it constructively you may not like what you receive. I also don't think it's fair or in good form to judge a forum publicly before really getting "your feet wet". IDK it just puts a bad taste in my mouth, I know if I lurked a forum and found things that I was so opposed to I probably wouldn't even waste my time with an intro thread. I would just leave.

All that being said LoriPinkAngel I hope you enjoy your stay and should you need help or guidance I will be happy to see what I can do, as would any other forum guide, moderator, or admin. So please relax and enjoy your stay. No need to worry about forum politics so soon. Get to know us a little.
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