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Are you being intentionally insulting or did you just not read what I said? You tell me where I said the guys I mentioned ever loved me, cared about me, or expressed any form of mutual caring? I said as 15 year old I was deceived by older guys. I never said that at 15 I was in any form of relationship that was emotionally two sided.

Again, girls use sex to get love, and boys use love to get sex. Boys dangle love out there like a carrot to get you into bed. It's often a ruse but it usually works. I didn't say they loved you, but you probably thought they would right? So you opened your legs to them, and that's what they really wanted.

This does not make men evil, this is simple a fundamental misunderstanding that women have of men. You assume we want the same things you do. Luckily despite hundreds of thousands of years of evidence, women still haven't seemed to figure this out. Otherwise, it wouldn't work anymore.

Your tone and verbiage is inappropriate. I never said I gave in to their BS and had sex with them. Please try speaking to me more respectfully. And your over simplification of the male/female dynamics is rather disgusting. Maybe there are plenty of uncivilized men like yourself out there who aren't capable of offering anything more than sex but to say none of them can is ignorant.
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