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No you are not showing transitional forms. you are showing ammonites and telling me they are transitional forms.
Speculation based on presumption that is ALL EVOLUTION IS
Fixed your quote for you, first off.

Second, nope, evolution is a solid theory based on real evidence verified by repeated experimentation.  Not "speculation based on presumption", which is only your ignorance on the subject talking.

So, you want transitional forms?  Look at any organism, and you will see a transitional form.  It is in transition from the species that preceded it to the species that will follow it.  Look at dog breeds; the ones on different ends of the scale (for example, chihuahuas and great danes) are practically different sub-species now, because they cannot interbreed successfully.  That's evolution in action.  Or go look at the various species found on Australia, which has been pretty much separate from all the other landmasses for long enough that you have species that literally didn't exist anywhere else on the Earth until they got spread around by humans.  Exactly as evolutionary theory predicts would happen, if you separate precursor organisms and let them develop separately.

why are you asking this? Evolution made up its own rules and claims it falls under science. Now use science to defend your theory
No, it didn't.  Evolution was developed as part of the broader field of biology.  It did not "make up its own rules"; creationists such as you are trying to make up different rules for it because it contradicts the neat and tidy creation story that you believe in.  The problem is, that neat and tidy creation story is based on an effort to explain how things started which is based on pure ignorance (not divine knowledge passed down from on high), and because it is, it essentially contradicts every field of science.  Or do you think that Genesis is compatible with astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics, etc?

Quote from: rhocam
The laws of science are various established scientific laws, or physical laws as they are sometimes called. "Laws" differ from hypotheses, theories, postulates, principles, etc., in that laws are an analytic statements, usually with an empirically determined constant. A theory may contain a set of laws, or a theory may be implied from an empirically determined law.

Again, you've demonstrated that you can quote Wikipedia, but you still haven't demonstrated that you really understand what you're quoting.

Quote from: rhocam
I will again claim that evolution is not science it is a belief system, one that took out God and put nature in His place.
Try it, read the genesis account with nature instead of God and there is your faith.
Nope, not in the slightest.  It is statements like these which so clearly demonstrate your utter ignorance on the subject.  I don't "believe" in evolution; I have no "faith" in it.  My acceptance of it is based on the fact that it makes sense based on the evidence we have.  The fact that organisms change as they live, the fact that some mutations breed true and confer a survival advantage on their successors, the fact that you can trace organisms through the fossil record that grow more alike as you go further back.  And there are many more things; those are what I can easily list from memory alone.

And you, who knows so little about evolution that you blow it off as a faith-based belief system, that you accuse innumerable scientists of multiple disciplines of lying and conspiring in order to prop it up without even one single real fact to back your accusation up...you look at two thousand years of human history and conclude that there have been no evolutionary changes, even though we have clear and evident proof that there have been evolutionary changes in human beings in the past (where else did the different "races" come from?  They didn't just "magically" appear).  If you actually understood science in its own right, you'd go and investigate this for yourself, instead of calling evolution a lie and a sham based on your religious beliefs and your ignorance about the actual subject that you're denouncing.
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