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I recommend to everyone that they disregard any attempt Lukvance makes to bring up the Higgs boson, until such time as he actually demonstrates that he has enough knowledge about it to be worth discussing.

Oh I already know that about ALL claims.But, isn't scientists claim that they have found the Higgs Boson right until proven otherwise?
You don't actually know if that's what scientists claim?  Maybe instead of trying to fish for answers to questions like this, you should actually state what you think is the case and provide support for it.  You know, what you keep demanding that other people do.

That, in fact, is why I asked you repeatedly to explain what the Higgs boson was - to provide support for the assertions you made about it.  You refused (tried to change the subject, dodged the question, and even told me to go look it up myself if I wanted to know so badly), and are now in the position of having made multiple claims regarding the Higgs boson which you actually refused to provide support for.  In short, every single thing you have said and will say about the Higgs boson is unsupported, and will stay that way until you demonstrate that you know what you're talking about.
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