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When is a code not a code?

We talk about computer code because computers utilize only binary signals - that is, 1s and 0s.  Trying to program a computer directly, using those same 1s and 0s, would be a horrendous task, and thus we invented programming languages to allow us to tell the computer what to do without having to resort to writing the instructions out in 1s and 0s.  In fact, the 1s and 0s are symbols which represent the state of off/on switches within the computer, which means that every programming language ever invented, all the way down to machine language, is a code.  Not because it was 'designed', but because it's a representation of something else.

That's all a code actually means.  So it is actually incorrect to infer that a code means something designed.  A code only means that it's a second-level (or higher) interpretation of something.
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