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That is not an interpretation OCG.  You plainly can not know for sure, you're guessing.  The atheist here Love your vague responses, it makes things easy for them.  You won't lose my respect for it though but I did give you your first smite.  Is there any part of the bible you do agree with?
With all due respect, junebug, the fact that people who actually study the Bible have come to that conclusion is pretty telling.  As is the fact that you gave him a smite - as you say, the very first smite he's ever gotten - essentially for being honest.  What kind of reasoning is that?

You know, theists have been declaring each other wrong for thousands of years, and it hasn't gotten us anywhere.  I really kind of wish there were more people like OldChurchGuy out there, willing to acknowledge the fact that their understanding is limited and that they don't have the answers, or even most of them.  Instead, we have people, lots and lots and lots and lots of people, who blithely assume that they understand exactly what those passages mean, that they're somehow qualified to tell other people just what 'God' really meant by something he wrote, when in fact they're just as blind as the people they're supposedly leading.

If more theists were willing to admit that their understanding was...lacking, we'll say, and that the Bible didn't actually contain all or even a significant fraction of the 'answers', then the world would probably be a much kinder, more loving place.  You would certainly have a lot less people assuming that their religious faith somehow gave them a direct line to the Creator of the Universe (thus affirming, in their own minds at least, that they "have the answers"), or other such nonsense.

I was sorely tempted to smite you for this post, but I decided not to.  And that's because while it's tempting to smack someone when they say something that I disagree with, all I'd really be doing is justifying my own arrogance.  Kind of the way you acted in your response to OldChurchGuy.  You would have taken one look at it and either blew it off or smited me right back for it.
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