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Wrong all over. I care deeply about my fellow man. Why would you assume I don't.
Why?  Because you say:

Quote from: harbinger77
God is just.
In short, you're willing to make excuses for anything your god does.  Doesn't matter what he does or who he hurts.  It's always for some higher purpose - not that you have the first idea of whether that's true in the first place.  Because you don't, and never will.

Quote from: harbinger77
If he broke my legs I would assume he had a greater purpose in mind. I wouldn't be angry with the Potter, I am but a vessel. As are you, no matter your age.
The clay a potter uses to make pottery doesn't have a mind of it's own.  It doesn't have a different idea of what it wants for itself than the potter; it doesn't complain about how the potter shapes it.  And it doesn't shriek in agony if it's smashed by the potter and discarded, just because he's unsatisfied with some aspect of it.
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