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It's spiritual warfare.
If your god is truly the omnipotent creator of the universe, how is this "spiritual war" still going on?

Quote from: harbinger77
I can pretend many things.  Many, many, many, many, many things.  But what good does that do?  Rather than asking me to pretend something which just so happens to match what you already believe, how about you come up with some evidence to show that what you believe matches reality?

Quote from: harbinger77
for a moment there is A God who wants you to come to Him.There is also an evil who wants nothing more than to stop you from finding God. He also happens to be the father of lies.  He better have a plan, right? Would say, for example, Islam not be the perfect lie? To make you think you are good yet all the while not even close to God. Satin perverts even religion. This is the main reason I study a bit of all religions. Find and expose the common lie.
Seems to me you haven't applied the same logic to your own religion, or even really thought it through.  So, you have this Satan, this father of lies, who wants nothing more than to stop you from finding God.  Well, it seems to me that the most effective way to keep you from finding God would be to make you think you'd already found him, especially if you didn't have any way to verify that it actually was him.
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