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it is not based on us "having to know right now!" It is based on us understanding that science changes like the weather and God never changes.
This illustrates the actual problem, which is not what you think it is.  What is true stays true, it is our understanding that changes.  This goes for science as well as for religion.  That's why we refer to scientific theories, not scientific facts, and why scientists have to train themselves to be skeptical.  Contrast this to religious belief, which demands certainty even though it's based on human understanding, which is never certain, because it's based on what we think we know.

Quote from: skeptic54768
One time, it was a FACT the earth was flat.
Now it's a FACT the earth is round.
Notably, the belief the Earth was flat came from people who used Biblical verses to buttress their ignorance.  Regardless, the Earth was always round regardless of what people thought.

Quote from: skeptic54768
It used to be spontaneous generation was a FACT.
Now, it's not a fact.
Scientists were attempting to figure out why maggots appeared in rotting meat, and spontaneous generation was one theory to explain it that was ultimately discarded when it was shown to be false.  Regardless, spontaneous generation never occurred.

Quote from: skeptic54768
It used to be a FACT that diseases were cause by bad air.
Now it's a FACT it's germs.
[wiki]Miasma theory[/wiki] far preceded actual scientific methodology.  For its time, it was reasonably accurate (since the "bad air" contained, not pollutants, but disease-causing bacteria and viruses, which were too small to see).  Regardless, it was always bacteria and viruses that caused diseases.

Quote from: skeptic54768
You can not find truth in something when the truth changes every day. Heck, maybe tomorrow evolution will be false and everyone will say "We got that wrong but trust us on the next theory!"
Would you prefer that scientists continued to insist that theories which have been proved wrong were in fact right?  Because that's what you're suggesting - that you want certainty over truth.

Quote from: skeptic54768
FACTS can not be FACTS if they are constantly changing. TRUTH doesn't change. TRUTH is TRUTH.
And notably, scientists don't claim that theories are actually facts.  However, religious people regularly and frequently claim that their beliefs are truth, despite the lack of anything to prove or even demonstrate this.

Quote from: skeptic54768
I've even heard that the Big Bang theory might be obsolete soon despite the so called mountains of evidence it had to support it.
And those mountains of evidence will still exist.  If the Big Bang theory is superseded, it will be because someone came up with an explanation that better fit the evidence, not because it is suddenly 'wrong'.

Quote from: skeptic54768
If you guys can't agree on what a fact is, you can't expect anyone else to just blindly follow the world of scientists.
And why would we want anyone to "blindly follow the world of scientists" to begin with?  Blind certainty is the antithesis of science.

By the way, there was never any "scientific evidence" in favor of the Earth being flat.  That belief far predated the development of scientific methodology.
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