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Seriously!  A good teacher, gives you the tools to use to make up your own mind. A good teacher does not indoctrinate or inculcate it's pupils, that is the way of the religious.
And where do you get this idea that persuasion is only indoctrination or inculcation?  For that matter, I wouldn't define either of those as persuasion to begin with - those are more akin to coercion than anything.  A good teacher doesn't simply put information before their students and hope they will make up their own minds.  They persuade the student to understand that what they're trying to teach is important, valuable, and useful, among other things, and they generally try to help the student come to the correct answers - not just so the student can pass the class, but so that they also have access to the information later on rather than dismissing it as useless trivia.

Quote from: bertatberts
However is it also the way it is done in America. If you want sheep you enforce your opinion.
If you want people you teach.
Granted.  But you can persuade someone without trying to force your opinion on them.  Surely you understand that much, at least.

Quote from: bertatberts
You do understand what the word teach means don't you, it doesn't mean persuade, indoctrinate, inculcate, it means to impart knowledge to or instruct a person as to how to do something, and it's up to them to decide whether to use that information. There is no hint of persuasion in meaning of the word.
I understand it a lot better than you do, apparently, since you seem to think that persuasion, indoctrination, and inculcation are analogous.  In order to impart knowledge to someone, you have to persuade them to listen and to respect what you say.  You also have to persuade them that the subject is useful to them, or at least will be useful.  No doubt there are other things you have to persuade them of as well.  One of the problems with the public school system is that primary and secondary school teachers don't attempt to persuade their students of anything - they simply present it as something to be learned so that the student can pass their course and move on.
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