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Actually no it doesn't need to be supported to be true.   It needs to be supported for you to believe it.  Again I said assume the reality,  I actually had been teleported under the conditions I explained.   Now I come to a non believer and tell them the incredible story of being teleported and I can not prove it.  I still have been teleported I just lack proof.   it is still truth in the scenario I laid out.  It is simply unverifiable.
Why are you wasting everyone's time arguing about semantics?

If something is true, there will be supporting evidence for it.  It doesn't matter whether it's teleportation, catching a bullet you fired out of a gun, or being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  So if you can't provide that supporting evidence, then there is no reason to go any further with your story until you can.  And that's really all there is to this.

You can pull out all the hypothetical scenarios you like, claim that they're arbitrarily true for the sake of argument, and then make the case that other people 'believe' they're false because you can't provide evidence.  So what?  There's a very simple fact that you're missing here - the burden of proof rests with the person making the claim.  Meaning, if you can't prove it, there's no reason to consider it to be true.  Indeed, if we take away your arbitrary statement that it was true despite your utter lack of proof, then the whole thing falls apart.

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Just as the story of me catching a bullet I fired from my gun at a target 50 feet away.  it is slightly less unbelievable but I still don't expect you to  believe me.  I can not prove it so you would have to take me at my word and since you don't know me from adam, I guess it is up to you whether you believe it.   But it is never the less absolutely true.
No, it is not absolutely true.  You are arbitrarily declaring that it is absolutely true for the sake of argument.  And that is the fatal flaw in your argument.

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If you think it is false does that make it in actuallity false?  Since you can not verify it you may believe it to be false.  But it is only a belief.
No, it is not a belief.  Because in actual fact - pay attention, this is important - the proper skeptical attitude is, "okay, prove it.  What, you don't have proof?  Then come back when you do, and stop wasting my time until then."  Instead, you're playing word games to try to support your argument, which are getting pretty tiresome.

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As I think about this I kinda look at almost everything I know but have not personally tested are beliefs.  I believe to the maximum decimal place buttttt.
In case you haven't realized it, there is nothing at all in this universe that can be proved with absolute certainty.  Doesn't matter whether you've tested it or not, and it doesn't matter whether someone else has for that matter - you cannot be absolutely perfectly certain that it isn't wrong.  But it's extremely ridiculous to then say, "well, I can't be absolutely sure, even though it's almost completely sure, so hey, it's a belief that I have faith in".

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There is tons of proof that god exists I just don't lend it any credibility because those sources are old and defy logic and are from too few sources.  People through out history have claimed it.   I don't know if they lied or are dillusional for certain. 

Let me ask this, Isn't the claim of first hand knowledge a form of proof?  Usually we verify it with other first hand accounts when evaluating history and if we are lucky we may find corroberating physical evidence.
All you had to say is, "no, I don't really get what you're saying," because it's clear from your post that you don't.  Acting as if you did, and then writing a post like this, is not conducive to a reasonable discussion.

There is not tons of proof that gods exist.  Instead, there's tons of evidence that people believe gods exist.  That's because the evidence is invariably anecdotal, and more to the point, most of it is anecdotal hearsay.  It's always a story that got passed down about a god or gods.  There are virtually no firsthand records of people who had experiences of the 'divine'.  And what few there are can't be verified because they're subjective.  Paul ran into an angel on the road when he was alone; Constantine saw a vision in the sky on the eve of a big battle (which, apparently, nobody else saw).  And so on and so forth.
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