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I define God as the beginning of life.  I don't see God as a person, place or thing.  I see God as Power/Pure Energy.  It took/takes a lot of Power to create/sustain this planet and the life on it.  This planet could get vaporized by a number of things in space but yet 4.5 billion years later it still orbits the sun,
Actually, Sol is the source of the energy that sustains life on Earth, through the process of stellar fusion.  We don't need to have sentient energy (ala Star Trek Organians) doing it instead.

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which I am told by science will blow up in 5 billion years.
Actually, Sol is too small to go nova.  It will probably become a red giant, though.

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That is because the equation does not include God.  Add God to the equation and our sun may never blow up.
Why would you want to whistle in the dark over something that's not going to happen for billions of years?  More than likely there won't be any humans left by then, seeing as that's around hundred thousand times as long as human civilization in its entirety has existed and more than ten thousand times as long as the entire human species has existed.  And if there are, they'll almost certainly have either moved on to other, younger planets, or have figured out a way to save Earth from being burned to a cinder by Sol's eventual expansion.

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That to me is the kind of "luck" I feel is too much.  If that kind of "luck" existed I could go to Vegas and never ever lose a game of poker.  To me this demonstrates a loving protector/creator.
Why would it demonstrate a protector/creator being to begin with?  I mean, why would adding sentient energy to the equation keep Sol from expanding?

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As far as natural disasters I said many times here I believe they exist to shape and nourish the planet.  I believe we were given the intelligence to build homes that are not too close and that are water/wind proof as well.  I believe in a Loving Creator, not a mentally ill one.
Natural disasters exist because of the very same things that make life possible on this planet.  And people are not all that good at making disaster-proof residences/buildings, based on the number of homes that get burned down or flooded each year worldwide, not to mention destroyed in an earthquake or tsunami or hurricane or tornado.

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Spirit?  My spirit does not "feel" like emotions.  It feels like life; w/o it I would not be alive.  It starts in the center and works it's way out.  It is my link to God.  You can try it for your self if you want.  I would not dismiss it until you do or else people might think you're closed-minded.  You can find a tranquil place close your eyes, about an hour at least 30 min, try to "feel" your spirit too.  Try it a few times.  Something Native American or Buddhist or just silence whatever you're comfortable with.  Try it or stop asking for proof!!!  Y'all should love an experiment!!!
You know, I've meditated too.  What you're feeling is not some special kind of energy working its way out, it's simply the rhythms of your own body.  It's the feeling of oxygen being metabolized all through the body and producing ATP; it's the feeling of our heart pumping blood which flows through our veins and arteries; it's the feeling of our nerves transmitting signals to each other.  As you said, your 'spirit' is your life.  Or more accurately, what you think of as your spirit is simply the feeling of being alive.

Why complicate the issue by giving it fancy names, or by imagining that it's a link to some great sentient spirit Source?
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