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Guybrush:  One of the reasons you're getting as much hostility as you are is because you keep insisting that atheists have to have 'faith' in what they 'believe'.  The thrust of your posts has essentially been in that direction since I started reading them, and probably before that.  You keep saying you want to have a discussion, but how it's coming across is that you want to set theism and atheism equivalent to each other in terms of 'faith', even though atheism isn't about faith in the first place.  You keep coining terms such as "universe-creating mechanisms" and then insisting that atheists have faith in them, just as theists have faith in God.

Frankly, that's an insulting position to take.  Is it any wonder that you've been getting a lot of hostility back?  If you want to have a real discussion here, the first thing you need to do is stop assuming you know atheism better than atheists, and stop presenting your own opinions about what atheism is as statements of fact.  Both of those essentially treat atheists like they're dishonest unless they agree with you, whether you realize it or not.  If even a non-atheist like me (I coined the term 'apatheist', someone who is apathetic about whether there are gods, for myself a while back) is picking up on this, then what does that say about the actual atheists here?
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