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I just want to point out to you that it wasn't dummies that created nuclear bombs, poverty or pollution, or maybe they are! Yea a poor dumb kid might murder a couple of people but an intelligent scientist can destroy the world!!!
I think you'd better check your facts, junebug.  First off, poverty and pollution have existed pretty much since there were humans.  Pollution simply means things that cause adverse changes in the environment, such as dumping trash in a convenient body of water or out a window or simply tossing it into the street (all of which have happened for thousands of years; indeed, until scientists discovered that this pollution was a primary cause of disease, nobody thought anything of it).  And poverty's existed for a long time too - it existed in hunter-gatherer societies and early agricultural societies, and it's been with us ever since.

As far as nuclear bombs go, I think if you compare the number of people who have died to nuclear bombs to the number of people who have died to bullets, the first number isn't even a drop in the bucket.  Yes, scientists invented nuclear bombs.  They also argued against using them in warfare once they discovered the side-effects of nuclear explosions.  By the way, scientists also invented lots and lots of good things; your refrigerator, the engine in your car, airplanes, wires that could transmit electricity, the computer you wrote this post on, all sorts of vaccines against deadly diseases...  Do I need to go on?

Poverty is a side effect of capitalism.  It can not exist on it's on so it was created by a bunch of educated men w/o a conscience.  It can be abolished but the educated rich folk would lose too much money/ego.
Poverty has existed pretty much since there were humans.  I suggest you compare the lot of a poverty-stricken American to, oh, the lot of a hunter or gatherer from a primitive tribe, or a peasant growing crops through backbreaking labor for his lord.

Quote from: junebug72
It is the conscience that will keep you up at night if you screw your neighbors wife that strongly encourages my belief in God.  The sweet peace that conscience feels when you do something for your fellow man.  This makes me more confident than not that there is a God that Loves us!!!  We are the only species that has a conscience.
The conscience is nothing more than our sense of empathy in action.  I certainly don't think that it's a gift from a god.  By the way, other animals have consciences - it's just that people generally did not spend the time observing animal species (rather than thinking up ways to use them if they seemed benign, or kill them if they seemed threatening) until really recently.


Wolves, for example, will restrict themselves during play so that the weaker, submissive animals get a turn at being dominant - and if one bites too hard, it will apologize with a specific kind of bow only used while playing.  Coyotes ostracize cubs who bite too hard during play.  Domestic dogs will share treats between themselves.  There's other good examples on that page.


Higher animals - even birds - show a sense of outrage when their social codes are violated.  There's a notable example of a male bluebird beating a female one which "steps out" (bluebirds are monogamous).  There's examples of other primates showing examples of empathy/conscience, such as refusing to issue shocks to other monkeys even if food was offered; and there's a stunning example of a gorilla rescuing an unconscious three-year old human boy who fell into her cage, protecting him from other gorillas and calling for human help.  There's another example of a dog that was hit and injured on a freeway, and another dog that was with it risked its own life to drag the injured dog to safety.
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