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The problem is that God is not capable of "being in the same room" with anything less than perfection.   Physically we would just be destroyed to be in His presence.  It's not a judgment, its like a "law of nature."   So there things a person needs to do before communication can begin.  Read about "faith" to know what you are expected to do first.
If he was that overwhelming, he would have obliterated the entirety of creation the second he made it.  Because it was not perfect, according to the Bible.  It was good.  There is a notable difference between the two.

And even if that were true, it would certainly be possible for him to manifest himself in "low-power mode", such as Moses's burning bush.  The fact that nothing like that happens anymore - indeed, if it ever happened in the first place - is pretty damning, if you'll excuse the term.
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