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Minimum entropy does not mean anything special.
That's when no particles exist and only pure unusable energy is the last to go.
It's the direction that is important.
Do you really understand the subject at hand?  Minimum entropy is the state the universe was in at its beginning; what you described just now is basically maximum entropy.

Quote from: SkyWriting
Not correct.  Analysis of toddlers has revealed that they process information
better that the greatest geniuses known in history.  Our abilities to adapt,
process and conform to changes in our environment decreases every moment
from conception on.
Which, I'm sure, is why we've never once seen a toddler produce anything of value, information-wise, whereas we've seen plenty of middle-aged adults do so.  Yes, it's true that toddlers have more mental flexibility than adults (for example, that's how [wiki]universal grammar[/wiki] works) - but that is not the same as their level of intelligence or their ability to use that intelligence.  It is also not the same as their ability to process information, and to be blunt, I find your statement (that toddlers have superior information-processing facilities) very hard to believe or accept, especially since you provided no source to support it.  You're going to have to show where you got this little tidbit from.

The actual point I made is that intelligence is basically entropy-reversal on a local scale.  Just as life itself is also entropy-reversal on a local scale.  Care to answer that?

Quote from: SkyWriting
Civilization?   I think you lost that without my rebuttal.
Given the quality of your responses, perhaps I'm not the one you should be worrying about.

For example, you blew right past my question of whether you were going to respond to the rest of my first post in this thread.  I'll repeat it again just to be sure you didn't miss it:

So, going to respond to the rest of my post?
You responded to exactly one point I made in that post.  And you responded to it in such an ignorant and facile way that I cannot help but question whether you even understand the subject matter or are simply playing the Christian game of cherry-picking things to support what you already believe.  Your subsequent reply has simply reinforced my original suspicion.
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