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Regarding the law about not drinking while carrying a firearm...it's also illegal to operate your car after drinking a certain amount of alcohol.  I'm not sure specifically how much it is, but it's not a very high amount.  How many people drive when above the legal limit of alcohol anyway because they assume they're sober enough to drive safely?  According to the Justice Department[1], there were more than a million people arrested for DUI in 2012.

That illustrates the problem with making it legal to carry a firearm into a bar.  I don't think most of those people were career criminals.  In fact, I'll bet that most of them thought of themselves as law-abiding drivers before their arrest.

So, if that many people are willing to break the "don't drive while intoxicated" laws, how many will be willing to break the "don't carry while intoxicated" law, especially now that they can take a gun into a bar?
 1. http://www.statisticbrain.com/number-of-dui-arrests-per-state/
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