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First off, Andrew, please work on your quoting.

True story. And if you wan't to know why God doesn't talk to you it's because you have to have a relationship with him which i have so therefore I hear him everyday and it's not like you think but its always confirmed through miracles. When I hear his voice and obey it's often times proven to be God through the supernatural circumstances that surround what happends next. For example in my relationship with God i was playing boggle on the ipad. I heard God say let your opponant goes first (its random mixing up of letters) well they got a low score I went second like God said and got a supernaturally high score.
I think you're misusing the word "supernaturally" here.  By the way, how high a score was it?  I don't play Boggle, but I know that people can get very high scores in it.

If i didn't listen and went first i would have got a low scrore. It's like if you were living the life of Paul today in the power of God everyday hearing God and seeing miracles. Would you doubt? It's like that for me I have no reason to doubt i see cool things eveyday in my relationship with God that you can only have by faith and a relationship with Jesus.
Actually, this is a pretty common mistake people make - they assume that if their positions were reversed, their performance would have been as well.  Also, did you seriously just compare your score at a computer to Biblical miracles?

One time I had a shell and annoiting oil. God told me to give my friend the annointing oil but not the shell. I didn't understand because they go together. Anyway I went to visit him in the hospital and the doctor said you can only give him the oil but not the shell. Wow I was hearing God that day that was definitely him telling me that because I wouldn't have been allowed to give the shell anyway. Stuff like that happends all day everyday and confirms that voice that I hear that it is from the Lord. These are just small miracles that happen all throughout each day everyday when I hear Him.
This is a pretty mundane thing to be claiming as an act of God.  Honestly, it sounds more like you're imagining the voice of God telling you these things after they've already happened, thus giving you a 100% 'success' rate.

My friend heard God say at dinner one night "order anything you want". He thought that was funny because he has no money but continued to hear "order whatever you want". At the end of the night a guy from the other table said he would cover the entire tab  on the table my friend was sitting on.
And how do you know your friend wasn't playing a trick on you because he knew you'd believe him if he said God had told him that?  This isn't even your testimony, it's hearsay.

Haven't you ever heard of the creative miracles that are going on around the globe. Eyeballs are growing in the their sockets, legs are growing out to normal size, bones being manufactured. Your just bitter at God because He's not doing what you wan't when you wan't. Thats scary.
Amazing how not one of these "creative miracles" ever happens where a scientist or trained observer can take observations on them, thus being in a position to confirm whether they're real or not.

In short, Andrew, we're going to need more than just your word that these things happen.  Because people can and do make claims like this when they feel they can get away with it.  Many times, they even fool themselves into thinking they're telling the truth, rather than something they imagined or made up.  In short, we're not really interested in hearing yet another true believer's stories about all these amazing things that he swears are true but can't provide the slightest shred of evidence to support.
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