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You praise greed it is not slander. You did not say that the greed that causes so much pain and suffering was exempt of your praise and until you do you are embracing a monster.  I have watched picture after picture of dead children stroll across my screen, so yes I'm quite disturbed when someones praises the very cause of those unnecessary tragedies.

You tell me that you don't praise greed and I'll take it back.
Get off of your high horse already.  Things like greed and belief are not black and white, good and bad.  They simply are.  It's what people do with them that matters, not simply their mere existence.

Do we say that a knife or gun is a murderer, or do we say that the person using it is the murderer?  By claiming that "greed is a murderer", you're absolving the people who actually act on their greed in stupid, harmful ways of responsibility for their actions.

Quote from: junebug72
No the facts are there you people just won't look at them. My thinking skills work just fine. You can not praise little greed w/o praising "big" greed unless you distinguish the two.  No distinction was made.
Astreja's very post made that distinction.  Your mistake was in assuming that if she was praising some forms of greed, she must necessarily be praising all forms of it.  Because of that assumption, you made an accusation which was uncalled for, to say the very least.

Quote from: junebug72
Believe it or not Jag I scored the highest on reading comprehension, score= mastered!  Astre can play the "devil's advocate" but don't be so whiny when people get in your face about it.  I just wanted to show how terrible it sounds to say "I Praise Greed."  That statement means a lot more than just her own personal experience it's a widespread epidemic that kills.
She wasn't playing a devil's advocate.  She was pointing out that greed is not necessarily bad, just as you were pointing out in the other thread that belief was not necessarily bad.  And you totally missed it.  You were too busy lecturing her about how bad she was for daring to point out that there are positive ways to use greed to notice that you made a donkey of yourself doing so, because you jumped to conclusions.  Not even particularly sensible conclusions, just "how dare you say anything good about greed without excluding every form of it which I think is bad!"

Greed is not an epidemic.  It is not a disease.  It is simply an impulse that drives people to do things.  And like every other impulse, it's what a person does with it that matters, not the mere fact that they have it or act on it.
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