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Even if we did find out that the universe has a creator, it would be an entity on its own right, with its own properties, not a mythical creature with human-invented properties.
I missed this earlier.

Are you saying that if the universe had a creator, and therefore a designer, that this creator would be what you, the designed and created person, say it would be? Really?
VERY, VERY GOOD POINT!!!  Please don't dodge this question. I can't wait to hear the answer. WOW!!! GREAT QUESTION!!!
Both of you (junebug and magicmiles) need to look at what he said a little more closely (assuming that this wasn't a disingenuous attempt to play 'gotcha!' with an atheist).  He said that this hypothetical creator would have its own properties, rather than the ones humans say it has based on myth and legend.  Which is certainly true.  We have similar myths and legends about other entities, including people who presumably actually lived, which claim for them powers and abilities beyond human ken.  Thus, we have evidence that ancient peoples were clearly capable of making up stuff about their heroes and leaders that didn't accurately reflect those people[1].  If people did that with larger-than-life figures who actually lived, then there is no reason to assume that they did not do it with their gods as well (especially if those gods were imaginary to begin with).
 1. Frankly, we see that today with tabloids and gossip.
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