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Thanks Jag,
Then atheists are hypocrites. If they claim that there is no God (and I know what you are going to say- "I never said we don't believe in God, it's the fact one has not been proven) Look, atheists, by in large, DO NOT believe in God. So, if you cannot prove there is no God, then why constantly attempt to make Christians "prove" their God. Hypocritical at best.
Hypocrisy is defined as pretending to be something that you aren't, or pretending to believe something that you don't.  Trying to argue that atheists are hypocrites because it is logically impossible to prove a negative is...strange, to say the least.

So, what do you call scientists, who approach experimentation the same way?  Since it's impossible to prove a negative, scientists expect that the person who proposes a hypothesis has to provide evidence to support it.  If they don't, then their hypothesis isn't accepted for lack of evidence.  This is not hypocrisy by any stretch of the imagination, it is skepticism.

You see, the position of atheists is essentially that religious people need to provide evidence to show that their beliefs are true, and that if they can't, then they have no business spreading those beliefs based on supposition and hearsay.

Quote from: holybuckets
Same thing with evolution. It has not been proven, so you are in the same boat as creationists.
There are so many pieces of evidence available for evolutionary theory that it would be impractical for me to even list a tiny fraction of them all.  But one of my favorites is that the further away an organism is from us (based on classification), the less DNA we have in common.  This is exactly as evolutionary theory predicts, the DNA of organisms that have diverged from a shared ancestor will be different, and more different the further they get from that shared ancestor.

It's funny, though, how your statement attempts to equivocate evolution and creationism, as if evolution not being 'proven' (of course, what you mean is that it hasn't been absolutely proven, not that there's no proof for it) means it's a completely unsupported belief, no different than creationist beliefs.  Doesn't work that way.  Evolution has enough solid evidence behind it that there is no comparison at all between it and creationist beliefs.
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