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Not even going to answer with your own words, flapdoodle?  Just a silly political comic that doesn't even come close to describing the actual political situation in the USA, and goes off the deep end by comparing Democrats to the KKK and Republicans to Nazis.

You didn't even respond to my statement that liberals need to make a party to counterbalance the rightward swing of the major parties.  Just more of this "both parties are evil and I'm not having anything of it" stuff that you've been spouting all along, and more of this pie-in-the-sky "if Republicans ruin this country enough, liberals will take it back" dreaming.

We live in the real world.  That means if you don't like the way things are going, you have to be willing to work to change them.  It takes more than just voting for a third-party candidate - or not voting in the first place.  So, what are you intending to do besides talk, flapdoodle?
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