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A controversy in the public school system lately has been if it should teach a creationist explanation of origins. Since this system despises God and his word, it is determined to teach  the foolish evolutionary lie. As someone who has studied the science of origins all my life, and published a science magazine for about 10 years. I feel I am somewhat qualified to say something about this.

Concerning the Earth’s age, in the 17th century Bishop James Ussher through years of extensive study and research, determined from Biblical chronologies that the Earth is around 6,000 years old. No one honestly studying these chronologies has been able to disprove this.

Evolutionary theory has been built on a thin web of lies and deceit from Ernst Haeckel’s evolutionary fabrications to the Nebraska Man “missing link.” Speaking of missing links, where are the billions of transitional fossils that must exist if evolution is true?

Evolutionists use circular reasoning to date things. Their dating tools such as carbon dating, have repeatedly been proven to be inaccurate, even sometimes dating living creatures as millions of years old. Evolution’s basic errors are that it ignores the second law of thermodynamics, which proves that the universe is becoming less instead of more orderly. It also ignores the fact that something never comes from nothing.

A word to theistic evolutionists who try to reconcile evolution and the Bible, stop compromising. In the original languages, the word “day” in Genesis 1 means a literal 24-hour day, not a billions-of-years day. This is further proved in that Genesis 1 says these days had a morning and an evening. Also consider this, if there were millions of years of evolutionary ancestors and death before Adam, then the account of the fall in Genesis 3 is false and Adam’s federal headship taught in 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 is a lie. Also, Christ would be part monkey.

Evidences of God’s wise design are everywhere, from the atom to our own bodies. Romans 1:20 says, “we are without excuse if we don’t acknowledge him as the creator.”

As you can see, he repeats many of the tiresome errors creationists are wont to make in their efforts to prove their beliefs literally true and beyond question.

The reason I call him a bigot is that he has written numerous letters to the editor denouncing homosexuality, making various unsubstantiated claims about it based on his religious beliefs.

My response follows:
At least he's not still harping on about homosexuals.

However, his 'evidence' is rather flawed.  Usher's chronologies depend on taking the lifespans given in the Bible as being literally true, and furthermore assumes that the Earth was created in a mere seven days.  Even leaving the chronologies aside, there was not one single solitary person around to observe the creation of the Earth.  And with all due respect to Ashwood's beliefs, if there were no people around to observe, then you can't assume that descriptions of events that happened then were accurate.

I'm not surprised to see him repeating the tiresome claim about missing transitional fossils.  Doesn't he know that most organisms are eaten and decomposed?  We don't get fossils unless the microorganisms that would otherwise scavenge bones and other remains for nutrients are blocked from doing so, such as by being submerged in tar pits, or buried under layers and layers of sediment.  Furthermore, every organism that has ever existed is 'transitional'.

**** states that 'evolutionists' use circular reasoning to date things.  First off, he never shows how circular reasoning applies.  Second, he is conflating carbon dating and other forms of radioisotope dating.  There is no way that carbon dating could ever date any organism, living or otherwise, as millions of years old, for the simple fact that carbon-14 has a half-life of just over 5,700 years.  That means the maximum possible age that could be given via carbon dating is approximately 11,500 years.

I'm also not surprised that he tries to use the second law of thermodynamics in his screed.  What he fails to realize is that the second law of thermodynamics only applies to a closed system - namely, the entire universe.  No other system can truly be described as closed.  For example, the Earth is an open system which receives a constant influx of energy from the sun.  Because of that, there is no inherent barrier to a local increase in order, since the energy the sun emits into empty space far outweighs the amount that is trapped by the Earth's atmosphere.

Lastly, his inane quip at the end is an appeal to prejudice.  Furthermore, it is simply wrong.  Humans are not descended from monkeys, or indeed any other existing primates.  Instead, all primates ultimately diverged from a common ancestor.

My only question for **** is why he is cherry-picking from some sciences to support his beliefs, while using those same beliefs to disparage other sciences that challenge his neat preconceptions.
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