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Two crucial elements in the Idi Amin/Obama connection are:
1. Obama was installed as editor of the Harvard Law Review exactly seven days from the notation in my dayplanner in 1990.
A week (seven days) is not a particularly meaningful unit of time.  It's a quarter of the lunar month and thus convenient for time-keeping, but to claim that Obama becoming the editor of the Harvard Law Review a week later 'proves' that your Idi Amin dream represents Obama is threadbare, to say the least.

Quote from: WayneHarropson
2. The direction I got to read and reread the scripture in John was to seal the reality that my finding the old entry was the Holy Spirit confirming that I would be told, and then, I would be reminded that I was told.
Sometimes, impulses are just impulses.  This is the same basic idea behind your rock story - you had an impulse that you didn't understand, that you only 'recognized' as the "Holy Spirit" after you followed it.

Honestly, Wayne, it's things like this which demonstrate why your belief of absolute certainty (that those 'supernatural' events came from your god) is so dangerous.  Do you not realize that if there actually was an "evil god of this world", it would look on you and your ironclad certainty as a convenient way to mislead others?  Your certainty when it comes to your god being the source for those things means that you can lie by saying what you believe to be the truth.  I'm reminded of something I read which is highly applicable.  "The true sin of the churchman is that he doubts not.  He knows, he is certain, and thus he is snared in Satan's net."

Even for atheists, who don't believe in gods at all, it's still good advice.  You can never go so badly wrong as when you're certain that you're right.
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