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Keep trying if you want. I'll just repeat myself. 

I'd let anybody who believed they could help.
If a candy striper said she could do a better job,
I'd trust her judgment over a surgeon.
Really?  You'd trust someone simply because they said they could do a better job?  Actually, I can believe that - people are pretty gullible when it comes to believing what someone says without checking on it.

I do some work as an independent computer technician - I fix computers for individuals for pay, and if you'll excuse my saying so, I'm pretty good at it.  I once had someone who needed computer work done tell me that they were going to let someone else who said they could do a good job for free do the work instead of me.  So I shrugged and said okay.  I wasn't worried about it.  And sure enough, they came back to me a week or two later after the other person had failed to fix their problem.  It turned out the other person thought they were much better at fixing computers than they actually were.

Quote from: SkyWriting
Look.  I personally know this lady. We had supper together and
she slept at my house.   Here eye was bulging out so far that her
eyelashes were hitting her glasses.  She thought that was odd.
She was lying on her pillow one morning and looking at her husband
she saw him in black and white.  She lifted her head and the other eye
saw him in color.  She put the one eye back in the pillow and he was
in black and white again.

So this plum sized tumor was behind her eye socket pushing her eye out.
After reconstructive surgery about 25% of her skull was replaced with
titanium plate.    She is able to go back to work on a reduced schedule
at the clinic where she works...as a family practice M.D.
First off, she's the one who figured out that there was something wrong - as you said, she's a M.D.  Second, she went to another doctor to have her tumor removed.  Not to someone who claimed they could do the job just as well.  This anecdote of yours doesn't show that a candy striper - or someone else who claimed to be able to do the job - could actually do it.  It shows that someone trained as a doctor noticed a serious problem with her eye and went to another doctor to have it treated.

Quote from: SkyWriting
Doctors and scientists are just normal everyday people.  They are no better
at what they do than anybody is that the job they do.  I admire my cousin.
She got good grades in school.  But she is no more amazing than anybody else.
It may be true that a doctor is no better at being a doctor than, say, a plumber is at being a plumber.  But that doesn't mean that a doctor can do a plumber's job, or a plumber can do a doctor's job.  It takes both training and experience to do a job; training to learn how to do it, and experience to learn how to deal with the inevitable hang-ups.

Quote from: SkyWriting
My mom has worked in a medical lab her whole career.  My aunt was an RN.
Her daughter, an MD.  My sister, an RN.  My friends dad, our family physician
for 20 years.  His daugher, a Physician.   Just normal people.  They each have
some more knowledge in many areas.
It's certainly true that being a doctor is something that anyone can learn how to do.  But if anyone could do the work that a doctor could do with only a few weeks of reading medical texts, why do people still pay doctors and other professionals to do their work?  It's because it takes more than a few weeks of book-learning to be able to do something well.  You're not paying a doctor, or a plumber, or any other professional just because of their education.  You're paying them because of their qualifications (which includes education, but training and experience are far more important).

Sure, maybe this candy striper of yours is taking classes in medicine.  Stranger things can and have happened.  But that doesn't mean that she's qualified to give medical advice, to dispense drugs, or to operate on a person.  Certainly not just because she says she is.

Quote from: SkyWriting
But anybody can be smarter than
any doctor on any particular subject in about 6 weeks.  Sometimes, one afternoon.
More like, they can think they're more knowledgeable in a few weeks.  But knowledge isn't training, and it isn't experience.
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