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If that were only true rather than fantasy.  We've not discovered any valuable materials out there.  Our last hope is diamonds or other rare minerals.   Minerals are notoriously difficult to harvest.
Actually, there are trillions of dollars of minerals in a single asteroid, as wright posted.  The problem is mining them, but they assuredly exist.

Quote from: SkyWriting
It was imagined that there would be minerals on the moon of value.  We've not gone back.
We've barely even scratched the surface of the moon, and yet we've found noticeable quantities of helium-3, worth roughly $40,000 per ounce.

Quote from: SkyWriting
I always was enthralled by the stories of underwater cities.   Developing those would have 100 times the impact of wasted time in space.  ALL of the research on that would benefit mankind.  I guess you are too ignorant to even realize that you are ignorant.
Let's see.  Asteroids with trillions of dollars of minerals in them, sufficient quantities of helium-3 on the moon to power commercial fusion reactors, and you think that's wasted time?  Maybe you should reevaluate just who is ignorant here.

I'd be perfectly okay with underwater cities and such.  The thing you don't seem to get is that it isn't one or the other.
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