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To be blunt, good for the mom.  I have never thought much of the idea that it's somehow an achievement for an adolescent to have sex, and (related to the subsequent discussion) I find the idea that it's "okay" for a guy to use whatever means he feels necessary in order to "score" to be somewhere between contemptible and detestable.

I don't really care if two consenting partners want to have sex with each other.  I do care when someone is so focused on (or perhaps obsessed with) having sex that they're willing to pull what amounts to a scam on another person in order to get it.  That's not that far shy of rape, in my opinion, and even leaving that aside, it's pretty pathetic when someone feels they have to pull a scam to get something to begin with.  Perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned, but I'm reminded of a saying I heard once; an honest businessman has little to fear from a recession.
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