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So I fear people in to accepting Christ because I believe through my life experience there is a hell and people will spend eternity there.  I applaud you for standing up for your beliefs and I respect them but I have seen demons, had experiences that prove Lucifer exists (still has no power) and seeks to destroy people for eternity.  There is only one way to know and that will be the day we all die.  in that day we will know if we are right or wrong.
Let me correct your grammar here.  You terrify people into believing in Jesus because your experiences in life lead you to believe that hell exists and that people will spend eternity there.  So...what difference is there between your actions and the actions of other people who use terror to force others into accepting something they want?  The simple fact is that there isn't.  It's wrong to use terror to try to force people into making a decision the way you want them to.  The means you use shapes the end you seek.

Quote from: NATHAN
You do have to accept the gift of Salvation through Jesus.  Your right.  I bet if someone offered you a millions you would take it.
If someone offered me a million dollars, with the same terms as your salvation through Jesus, you had better believe I wouldn't accept it.  "If you worship me for all your days, I'll give you a million dollars after you die".  See the problem?  This gift of eternal life doesn't come until after someone dies.  What sense is there in that?  The reason for this Christian belief is because it's impossible to verify anything that happens after someone dies, therefore promises about what happens after death are "safe".  People don't want to believe that once they die, that's it, so they buy into those promises about what happens after, wrongly believing that they're better off by believing than by not believing.

Quote from: NATHAN
I am trying to present fact and I am sorry if you take it as intimated  but there is a time coming when I guess we will all know the truth about heaven or hell.
The thing is, you aren't presenting fact.  You're presenting opinion.  You have no evidence, no way to prove your statements true.  By definition, then, what you're saying is your opinion.  And to be blunt, I'm not at all intimidated by your opinion on this matter.
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