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Alright, so despite the efforts of many people through this thread, you're still unconvinced that evolution has any relevance, meaning that you have problems with the field of biology.  You also seem to dispute other areas of science, such as geology (fossils, radiometric dating) and cosmology (the Big Bang, universal expansion).  And that's fine in its own right - science only benefits from dispute.  The problem is not that you dispute these branches of science, but that you do so by positing questions which you use as a Heads I Win, Tails You Lose situation.  If someone cannot answer a given question, you act as if that proves that your own beliefs are valid (which is a logical error in its own right); if they can, you find a new question to ask.

This approach might fool people who are not intelligent enough to spot it, although it would not make it correct in any case.  However, you are dealing with people who are not only intelligent, but are critical-minded as well.  It was easy for us to tell that you were using such an approach, and that your scenario was and is based on validating your own beliefs, not on finding out what's actually correct.  Your subsequent actions in this thread have amply confirmed this to us.  In other words, by acting only to validate your religious beliefs to yourself, you have demolished your credibility among us.

And worse, you haven't even really validated your religious beliefs, because you know that you can't validate your own beliefs more than you already have, so you have to get others to validate them too.  That's what this was really about.  The problem is, you spent too much time doing what you thought would shore them up in your eyes, and ignored the fact that this was about the worst approach you could have used with the people here.  And as a result, you've not only failed to get the validation you crave, but you've practically ensured that you won't get it here, no matter how long you argue to try to get it.
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