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I’ve reviewed this thread and my impression is that no one here really wants to give ID any serious consideration. I’m not going to make any further comments on it in this thread. Maybe it will come up again somewhere along the way.
We've already seriously considered it.  But nobody, least of all you, has ever been able to provide evidence which would actually be convincing.  Virtually every argument I've ever heard espoused in favor of intelligent design is an [wiki]argument from incredulity[/wiki] at its core (irreducible complexity comes to mind) - and the ones in this thread are no exception.  Worst of all, these arguments are invariably based on trying to "prove" that evolutionary theory is not correct, thus people can advance whatever pet belief they want in its stead, evidence optional.  Exactly as they would espouse a religious belief.

The fact is that you need evidence to demonstrate that something has validity in any field of science.  Doesn't matter if it's biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, paleontology, or any other field, if you don't have evidence, then it's speculative.
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