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Jaimehlers refuses to have the discussion in the thread in which I responded to his original post and continues to harass me via private messages.  I am not allowed to post the contents of that message due to the forum rules and refuse to engage in discussion until Jaimehlers posts publicly in order to be accountable to the community itself.

Here's the original post:

Somehow, I am not surprised at this post, considering the nature of your responses to me.  Never mind the fact that I've found it easier to get to the bottom of things with a private discussion instead of a public one.  Seems you want a public judgment instead of a private discussion.

By all means, feel free to post our private message exchange, provided that you post every message in its entirety (even though we were both being a bit immature at the end; it's important to see the whole thing).  That satisfies the rules of the forum, does it not?  If you don't want to go to the trouble, then I'll be more than happy to, provided you're okay with those messages being posted.
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