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^^^^People will say both women got their prayers answered, or at least got what god intended for them. God says yes, no, later, or date rape. God works in mysterious ways.  God never said you would always get everything you wanted, or that life for a Christian would be easy. He is testing your faith.

If that fails to convince, there is always Satan to fall back on. :P

Which is why you get people praying like God is an evil genie with a monkey's paw.

"Dear lord, if it's your will, but only if it's your will... and this prayer isn't making you mad... I love you... please consider letting me meet a nice, non-rapist, non-crazy, family oriented man on this dating site... please let me go humbly and in your will, I pray that you would decide to bless me and keep me safe..."

Like, if you'd just pray, "Let me meet someone to love on this dating site."

God would twist it around like the monkey's paw where the people wish for $200 to pay their rent and their son dies at work and they get a $200 death benefit ($=pounds in the original story).

Those same people who try to pray carefully to avoid the prayers being answered in a cruel and evil way will swear that god is not cruel or evil.
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