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Those that obsess over the wrath of God and His seeming injustice should maybe think more about what happens in the NT. Perhaps you'll have an "a-ha" moment, like so many others. Or perhaps you'll concentrate more on discussing minor details of the story which don't quite add up to you. And chuckle over internet memes about shellfish.

I'ts really quite simple, really.

Those that prefer to sweep underneath the rug all of the malicious, sadistic, genocidal actions of a God with apparent multiple personality disorder should maybe go and reread the OT to remind themselves just what a true vengeful bastard your "loving and forgiving" NT God was.

I know my mind is made up.

Yes. You dislike the character of God. You prefer to swallow the lie that if you do your best and don't do too much wrong, all will be OK. You expect every wrong thing you have ever done to be ignored and pardoned, but at the same time you demand justice and punishment of those whose offences you deem worse. In short, you prefer to be your own God.

Well, doesn't it say that not one word of God's ultimate truth will pass away until Jesus comes again?

I was a Christian for decades.

Anyway... we look at the NT.   It is significantly better than the OT... but isn't the whole Bible supposed to be true and perfect?

Isn't Jesus a sacrifice that God created to appease himself because us burning animals wasn't good enough?  To save us from a place that he created, where he sent an angel that he created who turned bad?

If Jesus doesn't mind standing up for humanity and truth, which, he clearly didn't right?  Then why not speak a word against slavery?

He heals a guy's slave and never says a word about it.

He never speaks up against women being second class citizens either.

He doesn't come out and call BS on the Old Testament stories of God ordering Moses to kill women and little kids except for the young virgins.

He doesn't come out and say anything that holds up in scientific practice today, things that would be able to be verified.

So to you... because we don't believe in something that has absolutely no verification except a book which you admit the first 3/4 are to be glossed over in favor of the last 1/4...   you think it's reasonable to torture people for eternity?

You don't believe in Leprachons right?   But they are also in many books...    what if you're wrong and a big green god lives at the end of a rainbow and will bury us all in a pot of gold for eternity?

Silly right?   But if 3/4 of the bible are to be glossed over, how do I know any of it is true either?
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