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Nam you still haven't shown how my interpretation of Mark 10 is wrong other than saying that it's literal. Does literal mean wrong and if so why? Show me a contradiction within my interpretation or a different interpretation you think is correct and contradicts mine. I already explained why I think the Bible (or at least Mark) needs to be viewed as literal. Here it is again:


If it's a bad argument show me why you think so. You're the one offering considerably fewer arguments/pieces of evidence.

It seems like your last argument amounted to misreading what I said (I said the Bible is the source of some theistic belief and you jumped to the conclusion that therefore I think it's proven true- i just said its evidence relevant To understanding my beliefs not proof for the veracity I my beliefs. Porn could actually be relevant too if it helps explain someone's beliefs). And also you seemed to say that becuase I'm just one person I am wrong. You haven't shown my one view to differ from any other theist's view yet. You just claim it does

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