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Your reply is a [wiki]Red_herring[/wiki] with a side order of [wiki]Appeal_to_consequences[/wiki]

It's not.  If you cannot answer Azdgari's point here, then you are asking for a special exception for your beloved ideas and applying a different standard to everyone else.  You know.  Kind of like the way religious people do for god.  They say, "Sumthin' can't come from nuthin'!"  And when we ask, what about god? they reply, "Oh, well, that's different..."[1]

You gab on about rights and property as if you have established either exist.   You haven't.  Yet they seem to be critical to your main argument.  And you have been asked several times to provide some foundation for them.  You still haven't. 

So your handwaving dismissal of Azdgari's post looks a lot like someone trying to dodge an inconvenient argument.
 1. Since you like to wiki fallacies, it is called [wiki]special pleading[/wiki].

I'm sure you believe that.
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