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Sorry. We have been talking about miracles recognized by the Vatican and I don't think that the Vatican ever recognized a miracle that science had since "debunked". If so, please share with us the source of your knowledge.

Are you running out of counter-argument and is starting to invent new ones?
The Catholic Church is corrupt. It suppresses free information to keep the "faithful deluded by ignorance:
and this:
Science debunks miracle of weeping madonna http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science-debunks-miracle-of-weeping-madonna-1590530.html
I see... the first one is another miracle NOT recognized by the Vatican (you still keep presenting those? Do you think that at one point they will become revelant to the conversation or what?) and the second is from one guy who never touch the real thing and is making theories based on what he saw. He could be saying "they sprayed water with a hose when no one was looking" and the effect would be the same.
If you want to know about the real scientific research made around the madonna of syracuse you'll have to go back to 1953. I hope that you now know where you can find such information.
We have to be clear about something, when it comes to weeping Mary and events of this order, the miracle is usually claimed for only ONE event. Even if the statue "cried" many times after that event. The event claimed as a miracle is only one, not all of them.
It takes a lot of time and manpower before declaring a miracle. Why? Because we have to make sure that is it really God who did it. Not something that we don't know. (which I remind you is the most offered answer by the Theologians when presented with an event that has the possibility to be a miracle)
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