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See, you are that salesman. You are asking us to believe (buy) the theology you are selling and we are asking for demonstrable evidence. And instead of providing that evidence you obfuscate, change the subject, dance around the issue, use irrational arguments, and make up hocus pocus to avoid admitting that you have no evidence. All you have are more claims, and every religion or con-artist has those.
See the picture on the left? there evidence No1 that God is not hiding. See those words that you a re reading? There evidence No2 that God is not hiding.
The salesman that you talk about. Is he trying to sell me something that I don't need? If so the I won't buy it.
But let's say that the salesman sells EVERYTHING.
Which situation is the best for me. Knowing what I need in my house or listening to all the catalog from the salesman.
Right now, what you (people in this forum) are doing is browsing and dismiss all the product presented to you without knowing what you want.
Let's say that you know what you need (in this instance examples of what would make you accept that God isn't hiding from you) then it will be easier to evolve the discussion.
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