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I see how this is working now. The process described above doesn't need there to be a god at all - only a person. This is how it works. If one spends time, in quietness, thinking hard about something and really wanting to hear something, eventually the subconscious will start to oblige. Over a period of what we might call training, the mind starts to respond by popping ideas or answers into the conscious mind. Once that starts to happen, the person thinks they have heard god but they, in fact, only heard their own subconscious mind.
Get going with this prayer, study the Catholic doctrine and many people will sincerely believe that they have heard god, Jesus or Mary speak to them. It is just mind training that is going on - nothing else.
Is that your conscience talking? Or your subconscious? Or you, just typing words to see if they feel right? Are you satisfied with your answer?
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