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My point remains.  Your god violates free will.
My point remains too. God does not violate my free will.

Your point remains as an illusion with no evidence.  You have yet to show how it is possible to freely choose to believe something does not exist.  Either it does or it doesn't.  Expecting someone to believe something is real when it is not is precisely a violation of free will.

Lukvance, do you think I choose to not know "God" exists?
We don't care. His existence is not based on your choice. He exist whether you want it or not. I can't force you to admit that Alzheimer's exist, if you don't want to believe you won't. Same thing with "your kid is sad". It's because of your free will. In conclusion, Your free will allows you to deny the existence of something that exist. But, this is not the subject here.
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